The SN74AVC16T245DGGR is an advanced 16-bit dual-supply voltage level translator offered by Texas Instruments. It comes in a 48-pin TSSOP (Thin Shrink Small Outline Package) and is designed for bidirectional voltage translation between different voltage nodes in a circuit. Here's a detailed overview of this IC, including its features, specifications, applications, working principle, and potential alternatives:


SN74AVC16T245DGGR Overview:

  • Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
  • IC Type: Bidirectional Voltage Level Translator
  • Package: 48-pin TSSOP
  • Data Width: 16-bit
  • Operating Supply Voltage: Compatible with dual-supply systems

Key Features:

  • Bidirectional Translation: Supports voltage translation in both directions
  • Dual-Supply Voltage Translation: Facilitates communication between devices with different voltage levels
  • High-Speed Performance: Suitable for applications demanding fast data transfer
  • Auto Direction Sensing: Automatically determines the direction of data flow
  • Latch-Up Performance: Offers robust latch-up immunity for enhanced reliability
  • DataSheet



  • Data Width: 16 bits for parallel data translation
  • Voltage Range: Supports translation between two different voltage domains
  • Operating Temperature Range: Standard industrial temperature specifications
  • Automatic Direction Control: Simplifies interfacing between devices with varying voltage levels


  • Interface Circuits: Used for connecting components with different voltage requirements
  • Communication Systems: Facilitates data exchange in mixed-voltage environments
  • Embedded Systems: Enables interfacing between microcontrollers and peripherals
  • Telecommunications: Applied in networking equipment for voltage translation tasks

Working Principle:

  • The SN74AVC16T245DGGR translates logic signals from one voltage level to another without altering signal integrity.
  • It features bidirectional communication, allowing data to flow between different voltage domains.
  • The auto direction-sensing feature simplifies design complexity by determining the direction of translation based on the voltage levels.

Alternative Models:

  • TXB0108: Texas Instruments provides an 8-bit bidirectional voltage-level translator.
  • PCA9306: NXP offers an alternative for bidirectional level shifting applications.
  • AX2008: Another option for bidirectional voltage translation from Alpha & Omega Semiconductor.


  • Voltage Compatibility: Ensure that the IC supports the specific voltage levels in your application.
  • Data Rate: Verify the data transfer speed requirements of your system.
  • Pinout and Package Size: Confirm compatibility with the PCB layout and design constraints.
  • Application Specifics: Tailor your choice based on the needs of your specific project or system design.

The SN74AVC16T245DGGR from Texas Instruments is a versatile solution for bidirectional voltage level translation in various electronic systems. Understanding its features and operation can help in implementing reliable voltage translation between different components operating at distinct voltage levels. Refer to the official datasheet and application notes for detailed specifications and design considerations.