SBAV99WT1G: Overview, Features, and Applications


SBAV99WT1G is a specific part number of a diode array manufactured by ON Semiconductor. Here's an overview of its features and common applications:

Overview: The SBAV99WT1G is a high-performance diode array that includes four small signal diodes in a single package. It is specifically designed for general-purpose and low-power applications.



  1. Package: The diode array is housed in a surface-mount SOT-323 package, which is small and compact, suitable for space-constrained designs.

  2. Diode Configuration: The SBAV99WT1G consists of two pairs of diodes in a common anode configuration. Each pair is made up of a silicon Schottky diode and a switching diode.

  3. Low Forward Voltage: The Schottky diodes in the array exhibit low forward voltage drop, making them efficient for rectification and switching applications.

  4. Fast Switching Speed: The switching diodes in the array have fast recovery times, enabling them to quickly respond to changes in input signals.

Applications: The SBAV99WT1G diode array finds application in a variety of electronic circuits, including but not limited to:

  1. Signal Switching: The switching diodes' fast switching speed makes this diode array suitable for high-frequency signal switching applications, such as in RF circuits and telecommunications.

  2. Voltage Rectification: The low forward voltage drop of the Schottky diodes allows them to be used for efficient rectification of low-voltage signals in power supply circuits.

  3. Level Shifting: The diode array can be used for level shifting or signal conditioning in digital and analog circuits, translating or adapting voltage levels between different logic or signal levels.

  4. Protection and Clamping: The diode array can be employed for overvoltage protection and clamping circuits to safeguard sensitive components from voltage transients or electrostatic discharges.

  5. Mixer Circuits: The Schottky diodes' low forward voltage drop and fast recovery time make them suitable for use in mixer circuits, where they can be used for modulation or demodulation applications.


It's important to refer to the manufacturer's datasheet and application notes for detailed specifications, usage guidelines, and specific circuit designs related to the SBAV99WT1G diode array.