S1G-E3/61T: Overview, Features, and Applications


The S1G-E3/61T is a surface mount, general-purpose rectifier diode manufactured by Vishay Semiconductor. It is designed for use in various electronic applications. Here's an overview of its features and typical applications:


  • Type: General Purpose Rectifier Diode
  • Package: SMA (DO-214AC)
  • Manufacturer: Vishay Semiconductor



  1. Fast Recovery Time: The S1G-E3/61T offers fast recovery times, making it suitable for applications requiring rapid switching and minimal reverse recovery time.

  2. Low Forward Voltage Drop: It features a low forward voltage drop, ensuring efficient conversion of alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) in rectification applications.

  3. High Surge Current Capability: This feature makes it suitable for handling transient overvoltage conditions typically experienced in power supply applications.

  4. Surface Mount Package: The SMA package is well-suited for surface mount applications, providing ease of assembly and reliable performance in modern electronics manufacturing processes.

  5. Lead-Free Construction: The diode is constructed using lead-free materials, conforming to environmental regulations and industry standards.


  1. Power Supplies: Used in AC to DC conversion within power supplies for various electronic devices and equipment, including adapters, chargers, and other power management systems.

  2. Bridge Rectifiers: Employed as a part of bridge rectifier circuits to convert AC to DC in a wide range of electronic systems.

  3. Low Voltage Rectification: Used in low voltage rectification applications, such as in consumer electronics, LED lighting, and low-power devices.

  4. Switching Power Supplies: Utilized in switching power supply units for efficient rectification and voltage conversion.

  5. Reverse Polarity Protection: Integrated into circuits to provide protection against reverse polarity, safeguarding downstream electronics from damage.

  6. Voltage Multipliers: Applied in voltage multiplier circuits to generate higher DC voltages from AC sources in various electronic devices.

  7. General Rectification: Widely used in a broad range of general rectification applications in electronic circuits, including consumer electronics, automotive systems, industrial equipment, and more.

The S1G-E3/61T diode combines fast recovery time, low forward voltage drop, and high surge current capability, making it suitable for various rectification applications such as power supplies, power adapters, LED lighting, and general rectification needs.