The part number "NX5032GA-12.000M-STD-CSU-2" corresponds to a crystal oscillator manufactured by NDK. Here is a breakdown of the code and key specifications of the crystal oscillator:



Key Features:

  • Frequency: 12.0000 MHz (megahertz) (this is the resonant frequency of the crystal oscillator)
  • Load Capacitance: 8 pF (picofarads) (the external capacitor required for the crystal oscillator to oscillate properly)
  • Package Type: SMD (Surface Mount Device)

Main Uses:

  • Clock Generation: Crystal oscillators are commonly used in electronic circuits to generate accurate clock signals.
  • Timing Applications: Used for precision timing in microcontrollers, microprocessors, and other digital systems.
  • Frequency Control: Provides a stable and accurate frequency reference for various applications.
  • Communication Systems: Essential component in communication systems for synchronization.

Working Principle:

  • Crystal Oscillator: Utilizes the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal to generate an electrical signal with a precise frequency.
  • 12.0000 MHz Frequency: Provides a stable 12 MHz clock signal for synchronization and timing applications.
  • 8 pF Load Capacitance: The external load capacitance required for the crystal oscillator to operate within its specified frequency range.
  • SMD Package: Surface Mount Device package allows for easy and secure mounting on circuit boards with automated assembly processes.

The NDK crystal oscillator (NX5032GA-12.000M-STD-CSU-2) with a frequency of 12.0000 MHz and 8 pF load capacitance is a crucial component for generating stable clock signals in various electronic devices and systems. Its SMD package makes it suitable for surface-mount applications and automated assembly processes.

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