NCV33272ADR2G: Overview,parameter,Main uses,Features,application fields,working principle and alternative models


NCV33272ADR2G Detailed Introduction:


The NCV33272ADR2G is a low-dropout (LDO) linear voltage regulator designed to provide stable and regulated output voltages with minimal dropout voltage, typically used in various electronic circuits where precise voltage regulation is required.



  • Output Voltage: Regulated voltage provided by the LDO.
  • Dropout Voltage: Minimum voltage difference between the input and output for proper regulation.
  • Load Current: Maximum current the LDO can supply to the load.
  • Accuracy: How closely the output voltage matches the set target voltage.
  • Quiescent Current: Current consumed by the regulator for internal operation.
  • DataSheet

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Main Uses:

  • Voltage Regulation: Stabilizing voltage levels in circuits.
  • Power Management: Efficiently managing power delivery.
  • Noise Reduction: Filtering out voltage fluctuations.
  • Battery-Powered Devices: Extending battery life by regulating voltages efficiently.


  • Low Dropout Voltage: Enables operation even when input voltage is close to output voltage.
  • High PSRR (Power Supply Rejection Ratio): Suppresses ripple and noise from the input supply.
  • Thermal Shutdown: Protection feature that shuts down the regulator in case of overheating.
  • Reverse Current Protection: Prevents current flow back into the regulator.
  • Low Noise Output: Minimizes voltage fluctuations for sensitive applications.

Application Fields:

  • Mobile Devices: Regulating voltages in smartphones, tablets, and wearables.
  • Automotive Electronics: Powering sensors, control modules, and infotainment systems.
  • Industrial Automation: Providing stable power to control systems and sensors.
  • Telecommunications: Regulating voltages in networking equipment and communication devices.

Working Principle:

  1. The regulator compares the output voltage with a reference voltage internally.
  2. It adjusts the pass transistor to maintain the output voltage at the desired level.
  3. Feedback mechanisms continuously monitor and adjust the output voltage to ensure stability.

Alternative Models:

  • LM317: Widely used adjustable linear voltage regulator.
  • LT1085: High current LDO regulator with low dropout voltage.
  • LM2940: Low dropout regulator suitable for battery-powered applications.

The NCV33272ADR2G is a reliable LDO voltage regulator offering precise voltage regulation, low dropout voltage, and various protection features essential for ensuring stable power supply in electronic circuits. Consider alternative models based on specific requirements like current capacity, dropout voltage, and package options for different applications. Check the manufacturer's datasheet for detailed technical specifications and performance characteristics.