NCP1582DR2G Rochester Electronics SWITCHING CONTROLLER


The NCP1582DR2G is a switching controller IC designed for power management applications. Here's a breakdown of its details:


  • Manufacturer: This is a product offered and potentially licensed by Rochester Electronics, a company specializing in the authorized manufacturing of mature and end-of-life semiconductor components.

  • Part Number: NCP1582DR2G

  • Type: Switching Controller

Switching controllers are used in power supply applications. They work by rapidly switching the power on and off to the load, allowing for efficient voltage regulation, as well as converting one voltage level to another. The use of high-frequency switching allows switching regulators to be much more efficient than linear regulators.

The "DR2G" likely signifies that this IC is housed in a SOIC-8 package, which is a small-outline integrated circuit package with 8 pins.

These types of switching controllers are commonly used in various power management applications such as:

  • Voltage Regulators: They can be utilized to step-down or step-up voltages efficiently.

  • Power Supplies: They can be integrated as part of DC-DC converter modules for various power supply designs.

  • Battery Charging Systems: Switching controllers are also used in battery charging circuits to efficiently regulate the charging voltage and current.

  • LED Lighting: They are often used in LED drivers and other lighting control applications due to their efficiency and ability to handle varying input voltages.

The NCP1582 is specifically designed to be used in applications such as notebook computers, general-purpose step-down converters and other synchronous buck converters.

Before implementing this component, it's crucial to consult the datasheet as it will contain detailed information about the specifications, pinout, electrical characteristics, and application circuit recommendations for this particular device.