The MP2122GJ-Z from Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) is a buck (step-down) voltage regulator IC. Here is a breakdown of the information provided:



  • Manufacturer: Monolithic Power Systems (MPS)

  • Part Number: MP2122GJ-Z

  • Description: IC REG BUCK ADJ 2A DL TSOT23-8

  • Regulator Type: Buck (Step-Down) Voltage Regulator - Steps down the input voltage to a lower output voltage.

  • Adjustable Output: The output voltage can be adjusted based on the application requirements.

  • Maximum Output Current: 2A (2 Amperes) - Maximum current that the regulator can provide.

  • Package Type: TSOT23-8 (Thin, Small Outline Transistor with 8 leads).

  • DataSheet

    MP2122GJ-Z PDF

Key Features:

  • Efficiency: Buck regulators are known for their high efficiency.
  • Adjustable Output: Flexibility in setting the output voltage.
  • High Output Current: Capable of delivering up to 2A of current.
  • TSOT23-8 Package: A compact package suitable for space-constrained applications.

Main Uses:

  • Power Management: Used for power conversion and regulation.
  • Voltage Regulation: Suitable for applications requiring a stable voltage output.
  • Electronic Devices: Commonly used in various electronic devices and systems.
  • Battery-Powered Applications: Ideal for applications powered by batteries.

Working Principle:

  • Buck Converter: Converts a higher input voltage to a lower output voltage efficiently.
  • Adjustable Output: Allows the output voltage to be set as needed.
  • 2A Output Current: Can provide up to 2A of current to connected loads.
  • TSOT23-8 Package: The TSOT23-8 package provides a compact and reliable form factor for the IC.

The MP2122GJ-Z from MPS is a buck voltage regulator IC designed to step down an input voltage to a lower, adjustable output voltage. With a maximum output current of 2A, this regulator is well-suited for various power management applications, especially those requiring efficient and stable voltage regulation.

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