MC7915BTG ON Semiconductor IC REG LINEAR -15V 1A TO220AB


The MC7915BTG from ON Semiconductor is a negative voltage linear regulator IC. Below is a breakdown of the information provided:



Key Features:

  • Regulator Type: Linear Voltage Regulator (Provides a stable output voltage from a higher input voltage)
  • Output Voltage: -15V (Regulated negative output voltage)
  • Output Current: 1A (Maximum output current capability)
  • Package Type: TO-220AB (Through-Hole 3-Lead Package)

Main Uses:

  • Voltage Regulation: Suitable for applications requiring a stable -15V power supply.
  • Power Supplies: Commonly used in power supply circuits to generate negative voltage rails.
  • Analog Circuits: Utilized in various analog circuit applications.
  • Audio Equipment: Found in audio circuits and amplifiers requiring negative voltage supplies.

Working Principle:

  • Linear Regulation: Uses active components to regulate the voltage difference from input to output to provide stable output voltage.
  • -15V Output Voltage: Generates a negative 15V output voltage.
  • 1A Output Current: Capable of supplying up to 1A of current to connected devices.
  • TO-220AB Package: Through-hole package offering ease of mounting and heat dissipation capabilities.

The MC7915BTG from ON Semiconductor is a linear voltage regulator IC designed to provide a stable -15V output voltage with a maximum output current of 1A. This regulator is commonly used in various electronic devices and circuits that require a reliable and regulated negative power supply.

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