The LT1083CP#PBF from Analog Devices is a linear positive voltage regulator integrated circuit designed to deliver an adjustable output voltage. This IC is capable of handling high currents, rated at 7.5A, and is housed in a TO-3P package. Here is an overview of the LT1083CP#PBF detailing its features, specifications, applications, and working principles:


LT1083CP#PBF Overview:

  • Manufacturer: Analog Devices
  • IC Type: Linear Voltage Regulator
  • Package Type: TO-3P (Through-Hole Package with 3 leads)
  • Output Type: Positive, Adjustable
  • Maximum Output Current: 7.5A

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Output: Provides flexibility in setting the output voltage as per the application requirement.
  • High Current Handling: Capable of supplying large currents up to 7.5A, suitable for power-hungry applications.
  • TO-3P Package: Designed for through-hole mounting, typically used for thermal considerations and robust connections.
  • Voltage Regulation: Ensures a stable output voltage despite input voltage fluctuations.
  • Line and Load Regulation: Offers precise regulation under varying load and line conditions.
  • Thermal Considerations: The TO-3P package aids in heat dissipation, crucial for high current applications.
  • DataSheet

    LT1083CP#PBF PDF


  • Adjustable Output Voltage: The output voltage can be set as needed within a specified range.
  • Dropout Voltage: Specifies the minimum voltage drop required between the input and output for regulation to occur.
  • Operating Temperature Range: Defines the temperature limits within which the IC operates optimally.
  • Package Size: TO-3P package dimensions are suitable for handling heat dissipation effectively.


  • Power Supplies: Used in linear power supply designs for various applications.
  • Amplifiers: Ensures stable voltage supply for audio amplifiers and operational amplifiers.
  • Motor Control: Regulates voltage for motor control circuits.
  • Industrial Applications: Employed in industrial equipment requiring precise voltage regulation at high current levels.

Working Principle:

  • The LT1083CP#PBF regulates the output voltage by comparing a reference voltage with the feedback signal.
  • It adjusts the internal components to maintain a stable output voltage adjustable within the specified range.
  • Any excess power is dissipated as heat when the input voltage is higher than the output voltage to regulate the output voltage effectively.


  • Consider the heat dissipation requirements as the LT1083CP#PBF can generate significant heat at higher load currents.
  • Refer to the datasheet for detailed information on operating conditions, thermal considerations, and design guidelines for optimal performance in your application.

The LT1083CP#PBF from Analog Devices is a robust linear voltage regulator suitable for high-current applications where adjustable output voltage and stable regulation are critical. Its TO-3P packaging and 7.5A current handling capability make it well-suited for various power supply solutions, amplifiers, motor control circuits, and industrial applications requiring reliable and high-performance voltage regulation.