LDLN025M33R STMicroelectronics IC REG LINEAR 3.3V 250MA SOT23-5


The LDLN025M33R is a linear voltage regulator integrated circuit produced by STMicroelectronics. Here are some details about this specific IC:


  • IC Type: The LDLN025M33R is a linear voltage regulator, which means it regulates an input voltage to a fixed output voltage (in this case, 3.3V).

  • Output Voltage: The output voltage provided by this regulator is 3.3V, making it suitable for providing a stable voltage to components that require this specific voltage level.

  • Maximum Current Output: The IC can supply a maximum output current of 250mA. This specifies the maximum current that can be drawn from the regulator while maintaining the specified output voltage.

  • Package Type: The IC comes in a SOT23-5 package. The SOT23 package is a small surface-mount package commonly used for integrated circuits, offering a compact size for space-constrained applications.

  • Applications: Linear voltage regulators like the LDLN025M33R are frequently used in various applications, including:

    • Powering microcontrollers, sensors, and other ICs
    • Voltage regulation in portable devices
    • Battery-powered applications
    • Voltage regulation in industrial and consumer electronics
  • DataSheet

    LDLN025M33R PDF

STMicroelectronics is a reputable semiconductor manufacturer known for producing high-quality ICs for a wide range of applications.

For further details on the electrical characteristics, thermal considerations, and application notes for the LDLN025M33R linear voltage regulator, it is advisable to refer to the datasheet provided by STMicroelectronics. The datasheet will contain comprehensive information to assist with the effective utilization of this voltage regulator in your circuit design.