The IRLS4030TRLPBF is an IR MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) manufactured by Infineon Technologies. Here are some details about this particular MOSFET:


  • MOSFET Type: The IRLS4030TRLPBF is an N-channel MOSFET. N-channel MOSFETs are commonly used for high-side switching applications in electronic circuits.

  • Voltage Rating: This MOSFET has a voltage rating of 100V, which means it can withstand a maximum voltage of 100 volts in the off-state.

  • Current Rating: The IRLS4030TRLPBF is rated for a continuous drain current of 180A. This specification is crucial for understanding the amount of current the MOSFET can handle without getting damaged.

  • Package Type: The MOSFET is housed in a D2PAK (TO-263) package. The D2PAK package is a surface-mount power package that offers good thermal performance and can handle moderate to high power levels.

  • Applications: IR MOSFETs like the IRLS4030TRLPBF are commonly used in various applications including power supplies, motor control, DC-DC converters, and power management circuits.

  • Manufacturer: Infineon Technologies is a well-known manufacturer of power semiconductors and various other electronic components.

  • DataSheet IRLS4030TRLPBF PDF


MOSFETs are essential components in electronic circuits for various switching and amplification applications due to their high input impedance and fast switching speeds. The IRLS4030TRLPBF is designed to handle significant power levels and currents, making it suitable for power electronics applications where high power handling capabilities are required.

For more detailed technical specifications, performance characteristics, and application notes specific to the IRLS4030TRLPBF MOSFET, it is recommended to refer to the datasheet provided by Infineon Technologies or consult their technical support for further assistance. This datasheet will contain comprehensive information to assist you in effectively integrating this MOSFET into your electronic designs.