The IRFR9110TRPBF is a P-channel Power MOSFET manufactured by Vishay. Here are some key specifications for this MOSFET:


  • MOSFET Type: The IRFR9110TRPBF is a P-channel MOSFET. P-channel MOSFETs are commonly used for applications where high-side switching is required.

  • Voltage Rating: This MOSFET has a voltage rating of 100V, indicating the maximum drain-source voltage it can withstand in the off-state.

  • Current Rating: The IRFR9110TRPBF is rated for a continuous drain current of 3.1A. This rating specifies the maximum current that the MOSFET can handle under specified conditions without overheating.

  • Package Type: The MOSFET is housed in a DPAK (TO-252) package. DPAK packages are surface-mount power packages that offer a good balance between size, thermal performance, and ease of mounting.

  • Applications: P-channel MOSFETs like the IRFR9110TRPBF are commonly used in power management circuits, load switching, battery protection, and various other applications where high-side switching is required.

  • Manufacturer: Vishay is a prominent manufacturer of discrete semiconductors, passive components, and integrated circuits.

  • DataSheet IRFR9110TRPBF PDF

The IRFR9110TRPBF, with its 100V voltage rating and 3.1A current rating, is designed for applications requiring P-channel MOSFETs that can efficiently handle moderate power levels.

For more detailed technical specifications, performance characteristics, and application guidelines specific to the IRFR9110TRPBF MOSFET, it is recommended to refer to the datasheet provided by Vishay. The datasheet will provide comprehensive information to assist you in effectively integrating this MOSFET into your electronic circuits while ensuring safe and reliable operation.