IRF7832PBF Rochester Electronics HEXFET POWER MOSFET


The IRF7832PbF is a HEXFET Power MOSFET manufactured by Infineon Technologies, not Rochester Electronics a similar service as a licensed manufacturer of older electronic components. Here are the specifications for this component:


  • Manufacturer: Infineon Technologies
  • Part Number: IRF7832PbF
  • Type: Power MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor)
  • Technology: HEXFET (Hexagonal Structure Field-Effect Transistor)
  • Channel Type: N-Channel
  • Voltage Rating: 30V (indicating its maximum rated voltage)
  • Current Rating: 100A (indicating its maximum continuous drain current)
  • Package: TO-220AB (through hole, 3-pin package with a central tab)

The IRF7832PbF is designed for high-power applications such as power supplies, motor drives, and other high-power electronics requiring a combination of fast switching and ruggedized design.

Please ensure that you have the most recent datasheet or specifications to verify the particular properties and applications of this component, as specifications and uses can change with different product variants and manufacturing processes.



The IRF7832PBF is an N-Channel Power MOSFET manufactured by Infineon Technologies. Here's an overview of its purpose, characteristics, and heat dissipation features:

Purpose: The IRF7832PBF MOSFET is designed to be used as a high-power switch in various electronic applications, particularly those requiring the management and control of significant levels of power and current. Common applications include power supplies, motor control, DC-DC converters, and other power management functions, especially where high efficiency and fast switching are essential.


  • MOSFET Type: N-Channel
  • Voltage Rating: 30V (indicating its maximum rated voltage)
  • Current Rating: 140A (indicating its maximum continuous drain current)
  • Package: TO-220AB (Through Hole, 3-pin package with a central tab)

The IRF7832PBF is a rugged MOSFET designed for high-power applications, offering low on-state resistance and high current-carrying capability.

Heat Dissipation: Effective heat dissipation is critical for power MOSFETs, especially those intended for high-power applications. The TO-220AB package features a central metallic tab that allows for efficient heat dissipation. This tab can be connected to a heatsink to transfer heat away from the MOSFET and ensure it operates within its specified temperature range.

To maximize heat dissipation, the MOSFET is often used in conjunction with a thermal interface material and a heatsink to efficiently manage heat dissipation. Proper thermal management, including an appropriate heatsink and PCB layout for heat dissipation, is crucial to ensure the MOSFET operates within safe temperature limits, maintaining high performance and reliability.