The IL207AT is an optoisolator product manufactured by Vishay Semiconductors. Optoisolators, also known as optocouplers, are devices that allow electrical signals to be transferred between two isolated circuits using light. Here are some key details about the IL207AT optoisolator:


  • Isolation Voltage: The IL207AT optoisolator has an impressive isolation voltage rating of 4 kV. This means it can provide isolation between the input and output circuits up to 4 kV, helping to protect sensitive components and users from potentially harmful voltages.

  • Package Type: The optoisolator is housed in an 8-SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit) package. SOIC packages are commonly used for surface-mount applications and offer high density and efficient thermal properties.

  • Functionality: Optoisolators like the IL207AT typically consist of an LED (light-emitting diode) used as the input side, and a photodetector (such as a phototransistor) on the output side. When the LED is energized, it emits light that is detected by the photodetector, allowing electrical signals to be transmitted while maintaining electrical isolation.

  • Applications: Optoisolators find applications in various fields to provide electrical isolation and noise immunity in circuits. Some common applications include:

    • Isolation in power supplies
    • Signal isolation in communication circuits
    • Isolation in industrial control systems
    • Feedback control in switch-mode power supplies
    • Medical devices and safety-critical systems
  • DataSheet IL207AT PDF

The IL207AT optoisolator can be employed in circuits where electrical isolation is crucial to prevent interference, cross-talk, and voltage spikes between different parts of the circuit.

For detailed specifications, application notes, and performance characteristics for the IL207AT optoisolator, it is advisable to review the datasheet provided by Vishay Semiconductors. The datasheet will provide comprehensive information to assist you in effectively integrating this optoisolator into your electronic designs.