HCPL-2231-000E Broadcom OPTOISO 3.75KV 2CH PSH PULL 8DIP


The HCPL-2231-000E is an optoisolator product manufactured by Broadcom (formerly Avago Technologies). Optoisolators, also known as optocouplers, are devices designed to provide electrical isolation between input and output circuits using light. Here are some key features of the HCPL-2231-000E optoisolator:


  • Isolation Voltage: The HCPL-2231-000E optoisolator has an isolation voltage rating of 3.75 kV. This rating indicates the maximum voltage that can be safely isolated between the input and output sides of the device.

  • Number of Channels: This particular optoisolator is a 2-channel device, meaning it can provide isolation for two independent signals simultaneously.

  • Package Type: The optoisolator comes in an 8-pin Dual Inline Package (DIP). DIP packages are through-hole components with two rows of pins that can be easily inserted into a circuit board for soldering.

  • Functionality: The optoisolator typically consists of an LED on the input side and a photodetector (such as a phototransistor) on the output side. When the LED is activated on the input side, the photodetector responds to the light emitted by the LED, allowing electrical signals to be transferred between the input and output without direct electrical connection.

  • Applications: Optoisolators like the HCPL-2231-000E are commonly used for signal isolation, voltage level shifting, noise reduction, and providing protection in a variety of applications such as industrial controls, power supplies, motor control, and communication systems.

  • DataSheet HCPL-2231-000E PDF

Broadcom's HCPL-2231-000E optoisolator is designed to meet stringent safety and isolation requirements in electronic systems where preventing ground loops and isolating high voltages is crucial.

For detailed technical specifications, application guidelines, and performance characteristics specific to the HCPL-2231-000E optoisolator, it is recommended to refer to the datasheet provided by Broadcom. The datasheet will offer in-depth information to help you effectively integrate this optoisolator into your electronic designs.