GRM1885C1H821JA01D TOKO CAP CER 820PF 50V C0G/NP0 0603


The component GRM1885C1H821JA01D is a surface mount ceramic capacitor manufactured by TDK Corporation. Here are the specifications for this component:


  • Type: Surface Mount Ceramic Capacitor
  • Capacitance: 820pF (picoFarads)
  • Voltage Rating: 50V
  • Tolerance: ±5%
  • Dielectric: C0G (also known as NP0)
  • Package/Case: 0603 (1608 metric)
  • DataSheet

    GRM1885C1H821JA01D PDF


Ceramic capacitors are passive electronic components that store and release electrical energy. The GRM1885C1H821JA01D, with the capacitance of 820pF and a 50V voltage rating, can be used for various applications such as high-frequency bypassing, coupling, and filtering within electronic circuits.


The C0G (NP0) dielectric is known for its ultra-stable properties over a wide range of temperatures, making it ideal for applications requiring minimal capacitance change with varying voltage, temperature, and time.


Given its capacitance and voltage rating, this capacitor is commonly used in RF circuits, signal processing circuits, and high-frequency applications where stability, low losses, and very low distortion are important. The 0603 package size is suitable for use in compact electronic circuit designs.

Always ensure to consult the datasheet and relevant specifications for precise details and usage guidelines.