ES1D-E3/61T: Overview, Features, and Applications


The ES1D-E3/61T is a surface mount, general-purpose rectifier diode manufactured by Vishay Semiconductor. Here's an overview of its features and typical applications:


  • Type: General Purpose Rectifier Diode
  • Package: SMA (DO-214AC)
  • Manufacturer: Vishay Semiconductor



  1. Low Forward Voltage Drop: The ES1D-E3/61T features a low forward voltage drop, ensuring efficient conversion of alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) in rectification applications.

  2. Fast Switching: It offers fast recovery times, suitable for applications requiring rapid switching and minimal reverse recovery time.

  3. High Surge Current Capability: This feature makes it suitable for handling transient overvoltage conditions typically experienced in power supply applications.

  4. Surface Mount Package: The SMA package is well-suited for surface mount applications, providing ease of assembly and reliable performance in modern electronics manufacturing processes.



  1. Power Supplies: Used in AC to DC conversion within power supplies for various electronic devices and equipment, including adapters, chargers, and other power management systems.

  2. Bridge Rectifiers: Employed as a part of bridge rectifier circuits to convert AC to DC in a wide range of electronic systems.

  3. Low Voltage Rectification: Used in low voltage rectification applications, such as in consumer electronics, LED lighting, and low-power devices.

  4. Switching Power Supplies: Utilized in switching power supply units for efficient rectification and voltage conversion.

  5. Reverse Polarity Protection: Integrated into circuits to provide protection against reverse polarity, safeguarding downstream electronics from damage.

  6. Voltage Multipliers: Applied in voltage multiplier circuits to generate higher DC voltages from AC sources in various electronic devices.

  7. General Rectification: Widely used in a broad range of general rectification applications in electronic circuits, including consumer electronics, automotive systems, industrial equipment, and more.

The ES1D-E3/61T serves as a fundamental building block for the efficient conversion of AC to DC in various electronic applications, particularly in power supplies, voltage regulation, and rectification circuits.