The DS8500-JND+ is an integrated circuit (IC) designed and manufactured by Maxim Integrated. Here are some details about this particular IC:


  • IC Type: The DS8500-JND+ is an Interface Specialized IC, which indicates that it is designed to handle specific types of interface tasks or communications requirements.

  • Package Type: The IC is housed in a 20-pin TQFN (Thin Quad Flat No-Lead) package. TQFN packages offer a small form factor and are typically used in space-constrained applications.

  • Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated is a well-known semiconductor company that produces a wide range of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for various applications.

  • DataSheet DS8500-JND+ PDF

Interface specialized ICs like the DS8500-JND+ are often used in applications where specific communication protocols or interface requirements need to be met. These ICs can facilitate communication between different parts of a system, provide signal conditioning, or handle data conversion tasks.

For detailed technical specifications, pin configurations, application circuit examples, and other relevant information specific to the DS8500-JND+, it is recommended to consult the datasheet provided by Maxim Integrated. The datasheet will provide comprehensive details to help you understand the functionality and integration of this specialized interface IC into your electronic designs.