cr1225 battery: Equivalent, Specifications and Replacements


The CR1225 battery is a common lithium coin cell battery used in various small electronic devices. Here's some information regarding its equivalents, specifications, and possible replacements:


Equivalent Batteries: The CR1225 battery is a specific model designation for a coin cell battery. It does not have direct equivalents with different model numbers. However, similar batteries within the CR12xx series include CR1216, CR1220, and CR1225. While these batteries may differ in thickness and capacity, they share a 12.5mm diameter.



Specifications: The following are typical specifications for a CR1225 coin cell battery:

  • Nominal Voltage: 3 volts
  • Chemistry: Lithium Manganese Dioxide (Li-MnO2)
  • Capacity: The capacity of a CR1225 battery is usually around 48-50 mAh, referring to the amount of charge it can store and deliver.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of a CR1225 battery are typically about 12.5mm in diameter and 2.5mm in height.

Replacements: When looking for replacements for a CR1225 battery, consider these options:

  • CR1216: Thinner than the CR1225 with a slightly lower capacity but the same diameter.
  • CR1220: Thicker than CR1225 with a similar capacity, sharing the same diameter.
  • CR1225: The original battery provides the specified voltage and capacity.
  • Other CR12xx Batteries: If thickness is not a concern, batteries like CR1216 or CR1220 can also be used, but ensure they fit in the device's battery compartment.

Always cross-check the device's compatibility and power requirements before selecting a replacement battery. While these batteries are interchangeable with variations in thickness and capacity, ensuring the correct size and chemistry is crucial for proper functionality. Prioritize reputable brands to guarantee quality and performance.