BSS138BK,215: Main functions, application areas and alternative models


The BSS138BK,215 is a specific part number for a small-signal N-channel MOSFET transistor. Here's an overview of its main functions, typical application areas, and alternative models:


Main Functions: The BSS138BK,215, as an N-channel MOSFET transistor, offers several main functions:

  1. Switching: MOSFETs are commonly used as electronic switches, allowing or interrupting the flow of current in a circuit. The BSS138BK,215 can efficiently control the switching of signals or power in various applications.

  2. Amplification: While MOSFETs are primarily known for their switching capabilities, they can also be used for signal amplification in certain circuits where voltage gain is required.

Application Areas: The BSS138BK,215 has several application areas where its characteristics are helpful:

  1. Low-voltage Switching: Due to its low voltage rating, the BSS138BK,215 is commonly used in low-voltage switching applications, such as relay and motor driving circuits, where it can handle relatively small currents and voltages.

  2. Level Shifting: MOSFETs like the BSS138BK,215 are frequently used for level shifting applications. They can enable the translation of voltage levels between different logic or signal levels in electronic circuits.

  3. Load Control: It can also be employed for load control applications, acting as a switch to control the power supplied to various loads like motors, solenoids, and LEDs.

Alternative Models: If you are looking for alternative models to the BSS138BK,215, consider these commonly used alternatives:

  1. BSS138: This is a closely related MOSFET transistor and likely shares the same specifications. It can serve as a direct and suitable alternative to the BSS138BK,215.

  2. IRLML2502: This is another N-channel MOSFET with similar characteristics to the BSS138BK,215. It is often used in low-power switching applications and may be considered as an alternative option.

  3. 2N7002: Although not identical, the 2N7002 is a popular N-channel MOSFET used for low-power switching applications. It shares similarities in terms of voltage and current ratings and can be a potential alternative.


When selecting an alternative model, confirm that it matches your specific electrical requirements and consider factors such as voltage, current, power dissipation, and package type. Consult the datasheets and guidelines provided by manufacturers to determine suitable alternative MOSFET options for your particular application.