BAT54SW,115: Overview, Features, and Applications


The BAT54SW,115 is a dual Schottky diode with a common anode configuration from NXP Semiconductors. Known for its compact size and efficiency, it is widely used in various electronic applications, including those requiring fast switching and low forward voltage drop. Here's an overview of its features and typical applications:


  • Type: Dual Schottky Diode with Common Anode
  • Package: SOT-323
  • Manufacturer: NXP Semiconductors
  • Polarity: The BAT54SW,115 is a unipolar device known for its low forward voltage drop and fast switching characteristics.



  1. Dual Diode with Common Anode: This configuration simplifies circuit designs and enables space-efficient mounting.

  2. Low Forward Voltage Drop: It demonstrates a low forward voltage drop, making it ideal for efficient rectification in both low and high-frequency applications.

  3. Fast Switching Speed: Known for its fast switching characteristics, making it well-suited for high-speed switching applications.

  4. High Reverse Voltage Capability: Capable of withstanding relatively high reverse voltages, making it suitable for applications requiring reverse voltage protection or rectification.

  5. Surface Mount Package: The SOT-323 package allows for straightforward integration into printed circuit boards, catering to modern electronics manufacturing requirements.

  6. Low Leakage Current: The diode exhibits low reverse current, making it suitable for applications where low leakage is required.


  1. Signal Demodulation: Employed in demodulation circuits to extract modulation from a carrier wave, such as in radio frequency circuits.

  2. Signal Clipping and Protection: Used in clipping or protection circuits, especially where safeguarding against voltage spikes or reverse voltage is essential.

  3. Logic Gates and Circuitry: The dual diode setup enables its use in creating simple logic gates and circuitry, particularly in OR and AND logic functions.

  4. Voltage Multipliers: Found in voltage doubler and multiplier circuits, used to generate higher DC voltages from AC sources.

  5. Switching Applications: Its fast switching characteristics make it useful for switching and general-purpose rectification in a variety of applications.

  6. Oscillator Circuits: Its fast switching speed makes it suitable for use in oscillator circuits, especially in high-frequency or high-speed applications.

  7. Power Management: Used in rectification circuits to convert AC to DC in power supplies and various low-power devices.

The BAT54SW,115 diode, with its dual diodes in a common anode setup, is a versatile component widely utilized in various electronics applications, including signal processing, rectification, and protection.