The BAT54CLT1G is a Schottky rectifier diode manufactured by Rochester Electronics. Below is a detailed introduction to the BAT54CLT1G Schottky diode:


1. Overview:

  • Manufacturer: Rochester Electronics
  • Part Number: BAT54CLT1G
  • Type: Schottky Rectifier Diode
  • Package: 2-Electrode Configuration (common-cathode or common-anode)

2. Key Specifications:

  • Forward Voltage Drop: Typically around 0.3V to 0.5V
  • Reverse Voltage: Usually up to 30V
  • Forward Current: Typically up to a few hundred milliamps
  • Package Type: Commonly a small surface-mount package
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3. Features and Applications:

  • Schottky Diode: Utilizes a metal-semiconductor junction for low forward voltage drop and fast switching characteristics.
  • 2-Electrode Configuration: Common-cathode or common-anode setup for flexibility in circuit design.
  • Low Forward Voltage Drop: Enables high efficiency in power conversion applications.
  • Fast Switching: Ideal for applications where rapid switching is required.
  • High-Speed Operation: Suitable for high-frequency circuits due to quick recovery times.

4. Package Information:

  • 2-Electrode Package: Typically a small surface-mount package suitable for various electronic designs where space is a constraint.

5. Applications:

  • Rectification: Converting alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) efficiently.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection: Safeguarding sensitive electronic components from reverse voltage connections.
  • Voltage Clamping: Limiting voltage spikes to protect downstream circuitry.
  • Switching Circuits: Utilized in high-speed switching applications.
  • Signal Demodulation: Extracting information from modulated signals accurately.

6. Advantages:

  • Efficiency: Low forward voltage drop leading to reduced power losses.
  • Space-saving: Compact package design suitable for small electronic circuits.
  • Fast Response: Quick recovery and switching times for responsive circuit operation.
  • Reliability: Manufactured by Rochester Electronics, known for quality electronic components.

The BAT54CLT1G Schottky rectifier diode from Rochester Electronics is a reliable and efficient component commonly used in circuits requiring low forward voltage drop, fast switching characteristics, and high-speed operation. Its 2-electrode configuration provides flexibility in circuit design, making it suitable for various applications in power conversion, signal processing, and protection circuits.