AT91M40800-33AU Microchip Technology IC MCU 16/32BIT ROMLESS 100LQFP


The AT91M40800-33AU is a microcontroller unit (MCU) manufactured by Microchip Technology, offering the following specifications:


  • Type: MCU (Microcontroller Unit)
  • Bit Architecture: 16/32-bit
  • ROM: ROMless
  • Package: 100-LQFP (Low-Profile Quad Flat Package)
  • Manufacturer: Microchip Technology
  • Model: AT91M40800-33AU
  • DataSheet

    AT91M40800-33AU PDF

Key Features:

  1. MCU: The AT91M40800-33AU is a microcontroller unit, providing processing, memory, and I/O capabilities in a single integrated circuit.

  2. Bit Architecture: The MCU supports both 16-bit and 32-bit instructions, offering enhanced processing capabilities.

  3. ROMless: The MCU is ROMless, meaning it does not have built-in Read-Only Memory. Program storage needs to be provided externally via other memory sources.

  4. Package Type (100-LQFP): The 100-LQFP package is a Low-Profile Quad Flat Package with 100 pins, suitable for surface mounting on a PCB.

Main Uses and Applications:

  • Embedded Systems Development: Ideal for developing embedded systems requiring processing power and I/O capabilities.

  • Custom Application Development: Enables developers to create custom applications by adding external memory components for program storage.

  • Peripheral Integration: Can be used to interface with various peripherals and sensors in a system.

Connectivity and Peripherals:

  • I/O Ports: The MCU likely includes General-Purpose I/O (GPIO) pins for interfacing with external devices.

  • Communication Interfaces: May feature UART, SPI, I2C, CAN, or other communication interfaces for data exchange with external devices.

  • Timers and PWM Outputs: Built-in timers and Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) outputs for timing and signal generation.

Development and Programming:

  • Programming: The MCU can be programmed using tools such as an In-Circuit Emulator (ICE) or programming software provided by Microchip.

  • Development Environment: Microchip may offer development tools like MPLAB X IDE for programming and debugging the MCU.

Application Examples:

  • Industrial Automation: Used in industrial automation systems for control, monitoring, and data processing tasks.

  • Internet of Things (IoT): Suitable for IoT applications requiring connectivity and processing capabilities.

  • Motor Control: Utilized in motor control applications for precise control of motors.

  • Smart Home Devices: Deployed in smart home devices for automation and control functions.

Programming and Customization:

  • External Memory: External memory components, such as flash memory or EEPROM, can be used to store program code for the MCU.

  • Flexibility: The ROMless nature of the MCU provides flexibility in program development and updates.

When working with the AT91M40800-33AU microcontroller unit, refer to the datasheet and documentation provided by Microchip Technology for detailed information on pin configurations, external memory interfaces, electrical characteristics, and programming requirements. This will help you effectively integrate the MCU into your embedded system design and development process.