AT29C512-90PI:Configuration, function, application field


The AT29C512-90PI is a specific product identifier for a 512-kilobit (64K x 8) parallel Flash Memory integrated circuit manufactured by Microchip Technology. Here is an overview of its configuration, function, and potential application fields:



  • Memory Size: The AT29C512-90PI has a memory size of 512 kilobits, organized as 64 kilobytes with 8 bits per byte.
  • Interface: It utilizes a parallel interface for data communication, allowing for faster data transfer compared to serial interfaces.
  • Operating Voltage: Operates within standard digital voltage levels specified in the datasheet.
  • DataSheet

    AT29C512-90PI PDF


  • Non-Volatile Memory: The Flash memory offers non-volatile memory storage where data can be retained even when power is removed.
  • Parallel Interface: Data transfer occurs in parallel, enabling faster read and write operations compared to serial interfaces.
  • Read and Write Operations: Supports both read and write operations, enabling data storage and retrieval as needed.
  • Electrically Erasable and Reprogrammable: The memory can be electrically erased and reprogrammed, providing flexibility in data storage and modification.

Application Field:

  • Embedded Systems: Commonly used in embedded systems for storing program code, firmware, bootloaders, configuration data, or critical parameters.
  • Telecommunications: Found in networking devices, telecommunications equipment, and infrastructure for storing firmware, configurations, and other critical data.
  • Industrial Automation: Utilized in industrial control systems, automation equipment, and PLCs for program storage, configuration data, and data logging.
  • Consumer Electronics: Used in consumer electronic devices like digital cameras, digital recorders, and set-top boxes for program storage and data retention.
  • Automotive Electronics: Applied in automotive systems for storing firmware, diagnostic information, calibration settings, and other essential data.


  • Configuration typically involves addressing specific memory locations and programming data using a parallel interface.
  • Functions include reliable storage and retrieval of data within electronic systems, especially for program storage and critical parameters.
  • The application fields mentioned are common areas where parallel Flash memory ICs, such as the AT29C512-90PI, are employed, but actual applications can vary based on specific design requirements.

For detailed technical specifications, usage guidelines, and application notes, it is recommended to refer to the official datasheet and technical documentation provided by Microchip Technology, the manufacturer of the AT29C512-90PI Flash memory IC. Additionally, consulting Microchip's technical support resources can provide further insights into the optimal utilization of this Flash memory in various electronic systems and applications.