AIAP-02-471K Abracon FIXED IND 470UH 590MA 1.15 OHM


The AIAP-02-471K is a fixed inductor manufactured by Abracon, which is designed to offer a specific inductance value and current rating. Here's a breakdown of the information provided:


  • Part Number: AIAP-02-471K
  • Manufacturer: Abracon
  • Type: Fixed inductor
  • Inductance: 470µH
  • Current Rating: 590mA
  • Resistance: 1.15 Ohms

Meaning of Specifications:

  1. Fixed Inductor: This indicates that the inductor is of a fixed value, as opposed to adjustable or variable inductors.
  2. Inductance (L): The inductance value is 470 microhenries (µH), which measures how much a component opposes changes in current. In this case, a higher value of inductance is suitable for applications requiring a higher level of energy storage and a lower rate of energy dissipation.
  3. Current Rating: The inductor is rated for a maximum current of 590 milliamperes (mA), which indicates the maximum continuous current that the inductor is designed to handle without experiencing significant saturation or performance degradation.
  4. Resistance: The series resistance of the inductor is 1.15 ohms, representing the resistance inherent in the inductor and is important for calculating power dissipation and voltage drop across the inductor.


Inductors with these specifications are commonly used in various electronic circuits and systems, including:

  • Power Supplies: They can be used in power supply filters to reduce ripple current and provide energy storage.
  • DC-DC Converters: These inductors are often found in DC-DC converter circuits to store and release energy as required for efficient power conversion.
  • Filtering Circuits: Inductors are used in filter circuits to smooth out fluctuations in current and voltage.
  • Frequency-Selective Circuits: They can be used in radio-frequency (RF) or audio circuits to separate signals of different frequencies.

Alternative Models:

While the AIAP-02-471K serves specific requirements, alternative models from Abracon or other manufacturers might offer different combinations of inductance, current ratings, and resistance to cater to a wider range of application needs. When considering alternatives, factors such as size, construction, and operating frequencies should also be taken into account to ensure compatibility with the circuit and system requirements.


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