74LS04DC: Overview,Specifications,Main uses,Features,application fields,working principle and alternative models


74LS04DC Overview:

The 74LS04DC is a member of the 74LS family of integrated circuits, specifically an inverter chip that contains six independent NOT gates. These gates are used for digital signal inversion in various electronic applications. Below is an overview, specifications, main uses, features, application fields, working principle, and alternative models of the 74LS04DC:



  • Manufacturer: Various manufacturers produced the 74LS series, including Texas Instruments.
  • Type: Hex Inverter (6 independent NOT gates)
  • Package: DIP (Dual In-Line Package)
  • Supply Voltage: Typically 5V
  • Propagation Delay: Typically in the range of a few nanoseconds
  • Output Current: Varies based on specific model
  • DataSheet

    74LS04DC PDF

Main Uses:

  • Signal Inversion: Inverts digital input signals to their complementary outputs.
  • Logic Operations: Forms a fundamental building block for logic gates and circuits.
  • Voltage Level Shifting: Converts logic levels between different voltage domains.
  • Waveform Generation: Used in generating square waves and pulse shaping circuits.


  • Compact Design: Integrates six inverters in a single IC package.
  • Cost-Effective: Provides multiple inversion functions in a single chip.
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range: Typically operates at 5V supply, suitable for standard TTL logic.
  • Fast Switching Speed: Low propagation delays for quick signal processing.

Application Fields:

  • Digital Logic Design: Utilized in various digital logic circuits and systems.
  • Microcontroller Interfacing: Interfaces with microcontrollers and digital devices.
  • Computer Systems: Forms the basis for many digital computer circuits.
  • Education: Used for practical demonstrations of digital logic principles.

Working Principle:

  • Each NOT gate within the 74LS04DC takes an input signal and produces an inverted output.
  • When the input is high, the output is low, and vice versa, following the fundamental behavior of an inverter.
  • The gates operate based on the principles of digital logic and are interconnected to form complex functions in digital systems.

Alternative Models:

  • 74HC04: High-speed CMOS alternative with similar functionality.
  • 74HCT04: CMOS technology-based inverter chip compatible with TTL logic levels.
  • SN74LS04: Similar TTL inverter chip manufactured by Texas Instruments.


  • The 74LS04DC is commonly used in digital electronics for signal inversion and logic operations, providing an essential function in many circuit designs.
  • When considering alternative models, ensure compatibility with voltage levels, speed requirements, and the specific needs of your application.

The 74LS04DC hex inverter chip is a versatile component widely used in digital electronics for logic operations, signal inversion, and voltage level shifting in various applications.