293D476X9010B2TE3 Vishay CAP TANT 47UF 10% 10V 1411


The Vishay 293D476X9010B2TE3 is a tantalum capacitor with the following specifications:


  • Manufacturer: Vishay
  • Part Number: 293D476X9010B2TE3
  • Type: Tantalum Capacitor
  • Capacitance: 47uF
  • Tolerance: ±10%
  • Voltage Rating: 10V
  • Package Size: 1411
  • DataSheet

    293D476X9010B2TE3 PDF

Key Features:

  • Tantalum Capacitor: Tantalum capacitors offer high capacitance values in a small form factor and are commonly used in various electronic circuits due to their reliability and stability.

  • Capacitance (47uF): The capacitance of this capacitor is 47 microfarads, indicating its ability to store electrical charge.

  • Voltage Rating (10V): The maximum voltage the capacitor can safely withstand is 10 volts.

  • Tolerance (±10%): The capacitor's actual capacitance can vary within ±10% of the specified value, which is a standard tolerance for capacitors.

  • Package Size (1411): This refers to the physical dimensions and form factor of the capacitor.

Common Uses:

  • Decoupling: Tantalum capacitors are often used for decoupling and filtering in power supply circuits, where they help stabilize voltage levels.

  • Bypass Capacitor: They can serve as bypass capacitors to filter out noise and ensure smooth operation of integrated circuits.

  • Timing Circuits: Tantalum capacitors are also used in timing circuits, audio applications, and various analog circuits.

Installation and Handling:

  • Polarity: Tantalum capacitors are polarized components, meaning they have a positive and negative lead. Make sure to connect them in the correct orientation to avoid damage.

  • Voltage Rating: Always ensure that the working voltage in your circuit does not exceed the capacitor's rated voltage to prevent failures or damage.

  • Storage: Store tantalum capacitors in a dry and cool environment to maintain their performance and reliability.


  • Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR): Tantalum capacitors have an ESR that affects their performance in high-frequency applications.

  • Derating: Consider derating the capacitor to ensure its longevity and prevent overheating under continuous operation.

  • Application Suitability: Verify that the 47uF capacitance and 10V voltage rating of this capacitor meet the requirements of your specific circuit.

The Vishay 293D476X9010B2TE3 tantalum capacitor is designed to provide reliable capacitance in a compact package, making it suitable for various applications where stable capacitance values and low ESR are important. As with any electronic component, it's crucial to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and datasheet guidelines when integrating this capacitor into your circuit design.