1-1393556-9 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors CONN HEADER 72POS SOLDER


The TE Connectivity AMP Connectors 1-1393556-9 is a header connector with 72 positions that is designed for soldering onto a circuit board. Here is an overview of this connector based on the information provided:


TE Connectivity AMP Connectors 1-1393556-9 Overview:

  • Manufacturer: TE Connectivity (formerly known as Tyco Electronics)
  • Product Type: Header Connector
  • Part Number: 1-1393556-9
  • Number of Positions: 72
  • Termination: Solder

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Position Count: 72 positions, indicating the number of contacts or pins on the connector.
  • Termination Type: Solder termination for attaching the connector to a PCB using soldering techniques.
  • Gender: Typically considered a male connector with pins that can be inserted into a mating female connector.
  • Pitch: The distance between the centers of adjacent contacts on the connector, usually specified in millimeters.
  • DataSheet

    1-1393556-9 PDF

Main Usage:

  • PCB Connectivity: Used to establish electrical connections between a PCB and other components or devices.
  • Board-to-Board Connections: Enables connections between PCBs or between a PCB and another board-mounted component.
  • Signal Routing: Facilitates the routing of signals between various parts of an electronic system.
  • Circuit Board Assembly: Integrates into the assembly process of electronic devices during PCB manufacturing.

Additional Information:

  • Connector Orientation: The orientation of the connector may be specified (right-angle, vertical, etc.) based on the application requirements.
  • Material and Construction: Constructed from materials suitable for PCB applications, providing durability and reliability.
  • Compatible Housings: The connector may be part of a series and compatible with specific housing units for complete connector systems.
  • Current and Voltage Ratings: The connector's ratings for current and voltage should be considered based on the application's requirements.

Application Areas:

  • Telecommunications: Used in networking equipment, telecommunication devices, and data centers.
  • Computing and Servers: Integrated into computers, servers, and peripherals for internal connections.
  • Industrial Equipment: Employed in various industrial applications requiring reliable board-to-board connections.
  • Consumer Electronics: Embedded in consumer devices for internal circuitry and interconnections.


  • The 1-1393556-9 header connector from TE Connectivity serves as a crucial component in electronic systems, ensuring reliable electrical connections between PCBs and other components.
  • Consult the datasheet or technical specifications provided by TE Connectivity for detailed information on dimensions, materials, and electrical characteristics to ensure compatibility with your specific design requirements.

For precise details regarding the electrical specifications, dimensions, and soldering guidelines for the TE Connectivity AMP Connectors 1-1393556-9, refer to the official documentation provided by TE Connectivity or authorized distributors.